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About Us

About Us

Crotone Cruise Port

Enclosed between the clear waters of the Ionian Sea and the green woods of its parks, the city of Crotone is located in one of the most fascinating territories of Italy, those of the Calabria region.

The port of Crotone was born at the beginning of the eighth century BC, when the city was founded by Greek colonists as new polis of Magna Graecia and soon activated intense commercial exchanges with the motherland, already then becoming a strategic point in the Mediterranean routes. Its great success was also thanks to Pythagoras, the famous Greek philosopher who decided to move from Greece to create here his own school.

Crotone Cruise Port manages the cruise terminal of Crotone offering transit, inter-porting and homeporting operations, as well as an increasingly wide range of ancillary services. Dedicated to small and medium sized ships, it is a hidden pearl in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Thanks to a mild climate, a rich hospitality system and a modern and efficient infrastructural network, the Ionian Calabria finally shows its beauties also to the cruise public, a new emerging star in the panorama of the ports of the Mediterranean Sea.

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